Depulper or Despupador is not in

Depulper or Despupador is not in
A berry looking thing grows on small bushes, sometimes closer to tree. The seed inside is a coffee bean, the fruity cover if called the pulp.

There is a machine below that is not in the is taking the body of shared knowledge to the speed of light, the synergy of the computer, internet and the mind of man deserves a Nobel Prize. It is amazing how many articles are not in Wiki, this is the first time I have not found something simple like this machine.

That statement is a compliment to Wiki, and I do thank Wiki.
Chicken Bus is in ... the Wiki.

Panajachel Guatemala
Lago Atitlan - Lake Atitlan
Wednesday, April 16, 2008
Andy of ---

This link shows better the process of depulping or in Spanish as Despupador than these photos.

The red berry part needs removed to expose the Coffee Bean.

This machines appears to scrape the red fruit part off the seed.

A written explanation on the wood Despupador.

Depulper or Despupador, they must put the Coffee Beans in this hopper.

I believe the pulp must come out the bottom.

Hopefully one day I can get a close up view of this process in action. Whether Coffee, Sugar, Cocoa, and many other foods that are processed into the final product, these industries to not make it easy to understand and view. The Wine industry does a good job of explaining the steps, I am waiting for the world of sugar.

Depulper or Despupador is not in