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Checking Wireless WIFI Internet in Hotel

2008-04-17 04:29:00

Checking Wireless WIFI Internet in Hotel
When I enter a hotel and they offer Wireless or WIFI Internet, I have narrowed it down to about three main things to check.

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Thursday, April 17, 2008
Andy of ---

Wireless WIFI Internet most of the time sucks, one of the worst ways on the planet to access the internet unless the router is in the same room as you are…

However, when I enter a Hotel, I first figure out where the routers are located, and then try to find a room closes as possible to the router. I then turn on my computer, sit it where I would work on the internet in the hotel room and test, looking at the signal strength computer. I do not pay until I know it works, never... it just is not dependable.

This is SOP … nothing new here.

However, second phase is not this; I ask the manager or owner where his or her computer is located.

What I need is this; I need an owner, manager, or children of the owner with a stake in keeping the internet connection working. If they are using it, they will keep it working; I need to tap into the basic selfish nature of people.

The third check is…

Can I get to the router to unplug? When the internet is not working, the normal fix is to just unplug the electricity and replug, this reset some number in the router. If there is more than one or a sequence, I start upstream and work my way down.

WIFI works in my room.
Owner wants to use for his or her selfish reasons.
I can unplug to reset WIFI router.

After you live in hotel for a day or two, you will find that many hotels turn off the internet at night, it is amazingly stupid thing to do, but they do…

I am not in the first hotel where the only way it works it to set the DNS numbers, this is a first. There is nothing easy about using the internet, and a Five Star Hotel better have a 24-hour technical person on staff or I would say they have zero star service. I play at work; just think of the young lions that really need a connection. This is the 1 in 200 who is really a work horse business traveler and not a guy or girl who is having fun at the expense of the business spinning wheels and spending the travel budget.

Truthfully, I think a conference call could and should replace 90 percent of all so-called needed business trips.

Checking Wireless WIFI Internet in Hotel