Cacao Cocoa Bean Diet

2008-04-19 19:33:00

Cacao Cocoa Bean Diet
I think Cacao Beans are natural diet pills, somehow as I understand these beans cause the body to secrete Serotonin. This seems to create a calmness that relieves that annoy desire to stuff food in our mouths.

Panajachel Guatemala
Lago Atitlan - Lake Atitlan
Saturday, April 19, 2008
Andy of ---

Go figure, these are suppose to be special organic ones, this word Organic means nothing, just another label to mislead...

It cost 20 Quetzals per pound here in a tourist store, or about 3 US Dollars, I have not checked well, however it seems to sell up to 18 US Dollars per pound in the USA.

I have found red beans, and black beans, they taste bitter, give a kick in a way, and remind me of the Euphoric feeling of chewing Coca leaves in Peru or Bolivia.

Let me think, 20 pounds X say 10 is 200 US dollars to accidentally carry back to the USA in a my backpack.


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