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Add Hotels Posadas in Antigua Guatemala

2008-04-08 07:12:00

Add Hotels Posadas in Antigua Guatemala
Owners of Hotel, Posadas, Guesthouses can add their tourist rooms to This is free, and really a little silly, this is not only for Antigua, a person can submit for any city on the planet, yet if you want to focus on Antigua then please click here and submit your Posada.
Add Traveler Rooms in Antigua

Antigua, Guatemala.
One hour from Guatemala City
Tuesday, April 8, 2008
Andy of ---
---------------------------------- is unique in that we are trying to find all the traveler rooms on the planet, and the owners must tell the cheapest price of bed in the Hotel. This is to simplify the search for rooms, in the future, a person will be able to surf in the price range, and service levels they want or need.

I would search under Free WIFI, or under 15 and Free WIFI, the page is meant to be use from the richest to poorest person searching for any room in any city on the planet.

If nothing else, is rather fun, as we have tried to located every city on the planet, nice to see my little town of 400 people on a webpage, even when I am the owner of the page. I like my hometown; somebody needs to try to help the small places, as I think they outnumber the larger places by 20 to 1. It appears the vast majority of hotels are in small cities, not in the larger cities.

Add Hotels Posadas in Antigua Guatemala