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What Great Luck 3 Dollar Gas

2008-03-07 08:42:00

What Great Luck 3 Dollar Gas
The USA is having a great stroke of luck; my father was complaining that the price of gas is 3.19 per gallon up town.

I am hoping it goes to six dollars quick.

I would like the Middle East, OPEC nations, Chavez, and all the others to kiss my butt.

The way I figure, they are dooming themselves to going back to herding goats. Chavez can get shot like most South American dictators.

Indiana, United States of America
Small Town USA
Friday, March 7, 2008
Andy of HoboTraveler.com ---

All the commercials, all the new media, everyone is harping about bio-fuels in the USA. The way I understand it we can all go diesel, use vegetable oil for fuel, and the farmers of America can get rich.

Six dollars would make all this extremely feasible, they mass production of bio-fuels would lower the price to 3 dollars again and life would be sweet. No dependency on Gas because it was too expensive, when all the cars convert over, they will never convert back.

I think it would take less than one year for America to convert over 20 percent of cars at 6 dollars and the next 80 percent in less than five years, and alcohol could take up the rest of the problems.

I would say the Farm boys beat the Germans in WW I and WW II, time for the Farm Boys to come to the rescue again.

What Great Luck 3 Dollar Gas

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