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USA Airlines Loses Bags

2008-03-13 09:53:00

USA Airlines Loses Bags
I have made it to Acapulco, my bags so far have not arrived, a total cluster F1. Ten years of travel and only the USA has every misplaced bags, and they have done it four times now. Flights originating in the USA seem to be irresponsible.

NOTE: My bags arrived at airport and I picked up finally.

I check into Continenta Airlines, and got a Continental Bag Claim Ticket, then was put on a Delta Airlines flight, then ended my flight on an AeroMexico connector.

The AeroMexico says it is not their fault, they will not deliver the bags because,,,, I do not know. I came on their plane, who else could be at fault except for the airlines that I flew here with.

Acapulco - 8 Miles north of the City
Pie de la Cuesta - Playa Luces
Laguna de Coyuca - Barra de Coyuca
Wednesday, March 12, 2008
Andy of HoboTraveler.com ---

I really do not want to think about it, I have only problems with transfers of bags in the USA, and in the last 10 years of Travel I have had bag problems three times on leaving the USA.

One time to Turkey and they lost the bag totally with KLM Airlines.

One time American Airlines misplaced the bag on the way to Cusco, Peru, then took four days to arrive.

Now for Continental or Delta, total mystery to me, with assistance of AeroMexico.

I fly a lot, about once per month, this is just annoyingly stupid, I do not think the USA Airlines see it as a top priority, they just think, so what, if a problem we will deliver later.

I am hoping that I receive the bag, it is just a cluster F1, SNAFU.

What do you think, F1 is the key to hit to get help, a good way to euphemistically use this word and not type in and get penalized by the Internet Gods.

Welcome to Mexico.

USA Airlines Loses Bags

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