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The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt

2008-03-19 10:22:00

The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt
I awoke this morning to the clatter of thoughts bouncing around in my head about Theodore Roosevelt.

Theodore from a Dutch culture, lived in a time that may have past, a man trying to live and define what it is to be American. The thought that woke me was, he did not waste his life, a man who truly had some Noble Thoughts and actions.

He spoke French, German and probably Spanish; he wrote I believe over 10 books, one set called The Winning of the West I would love to find in one of these Mexican Hotels lying on the floor.

Acapulco - 8 Miles north of the City
Pie de la Cuesta - Playa Luces
Laguna de Coyuca - Barra de Coyuca
Wednesday, March 19, 2008
Andy of ---

The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt
By Edmund Morris

I found this book, thanks to Stan G, who left the book he was reading, sitting in the Fort Wayne, Indiana Airport. USA. I hope to return it to him as he may be missing the book, however only after I am positively finished with the book.

The clatter is still in my head; I think of the American election that is now being run and wondering, did any of these prospects to become leader of the free world sit at a desk, dwell on one issue, obsess to the point of walking around in circles at night while the world sleeps like Theodore Roosevelt surely did.

Then write a book about it, one of the first books Theodore wrote was
“The Naval War of 1812.”

I feel quite sure the present candidates obsess on how to manipulate, manage, and massage the minds of the American and World public to convince us they can change the world. I think Theodore obsessed on how to change the world; he just wanted people to get out the way so he could.

I sometimes think about a title of a book, it would be called.
“How the World Works.”

There is this denigrating insult continuously stated, inferred, and injected into emails, blog comments that I do not understand the world from a global perspective. I find in intriguing to read emails originating in the USA, England, Germany or Europe whereby they are sitting at home telling me about the global world, while I am in the process of walking the global world.

Theodore Roosevelt probably traveled to more countries than my meager 77 before he became President and truly understood how the world works at ground level.

I do respect McCain, and thank him for paying a price in a Vietnam Prison, however I am still have not heard words that make me want to study his life.

I have many a reader, many a person explain how they traveled to Europe, took a plane here and there, trying to tell me about some Airforce One Trip they took and how they understand the world.

The “I rented a car” thing always tells me the true story.

I try to explain, I think I explain, hmm… hope to explain, if you want to know the hearts and minds of a people, a culture you have to get a little dirty and fly at “Ground Level One,” you need feet on the ground, butt on the bus, walking in the dirtlands, you need truly annoyed until you enjoy the real culture of the world, where the hearts and mind could care less you exist.

Map of Theodore Roosevelt chasing three men who stole his boat in the Badlands of Dakota, March 30 to April 11, 1886.

Hey, I wonder what his record is for not taking a shower?

This map makes me feel puny, just another person who talks too much and does too little. I can sermonize, moralize, get preachy, talk too much, however I think at the end of the day I want to be like my guy Theodore, a little too obsessive, a little too much over the top, he truly seems like a guy you could not shut up. Roosevelt was shot during a speech in the campaign of 1912. But he continued, saying, “I will deliver this speech or die.”

I just want to world to find their Noble Thought, like Wendy in the book or movie Peter Pan searching for that Happy Thought, it would be nice if people would search for their one Noble Thought, then one day, who knows, they may just become President, or at least somebody, someone their children are proud to call Mother of Father.

Theodore strived to be American, this is vague, confusing and forever unclear as to its meaning, what does it mean to say, I am an American. I walk around in foreign countries, my name here in Mexico is Gringo, not Quebecqua, but Gringo, and there is a difference. I am looking at the USA from the outside, when I walk or fly at ground level one in the dirt lands of the earth I feel the pressure of world pushing at my heels. Theodore and many before him and after created this American image, whereby I am not Canadian or European, I am American and what this means is they take a small pause, the world looks, they expect a little more from me than others. I do hope all these wanna be Presidents know the world does expect a little more, I hope within each of these possible Presidents has one Noble Thought they hold untouchable by the mess they got themselves into, I am sure the world is looking.

I got something to go do…

By the way, just to reassure people I have not gone over the top, I thought about writing a book called.
My Beach Life - My Other life

The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt