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Status a way to Group People

2008-03-06 05:40:00

Status a way to Group People
People are racist, judgmental, petty, more or less in the closet bigots who keep saying to themselves they are open minded.

Ask yourself a question:

Do you think foreigners are smart?
The Mexican, India, China?

“We cannot bring ourselves to believe it possible that a foreigner should in any respect be wiser than ourselves…”
-- Anthony Trollope (1815 - 1882) British novelist. Orley Farm

I often find myself thinking,
“Why are all the low-class Mexican coming to the USA?”

Indiana, United States of America
Small Town USA
Wednesday, March 5, 2008
Andy of ---
I guess I give them low status, I do not think them as status symbols for the country.

I wrote a post about how people groups themselves, by country, race, religion, motorcycle gangs, there are many ways to group, saying I am part of this club and I am not that club.

Now, I need to add the word “Status” to this list:
Numbers of Groups of People

I was in the airport in Korea and this Canadian girl was making some angry and insightful comments about the Nigerians in Korea. As she said or explained, I guess the Koreans consider the Nigerian as unfit to associate with, some special grouping for the Black Nigerians in Korean.

I tend to think of Asians as extreme racist, I believe they consider white supreme and off colors less than, and black as being inferior.

I asked,
“Are Korean Racist?”
She said,
“No, they just care too much about Status.”
“To talk with Nigerians would be to lower their status.”

In reverse, I suppose to have a Ferrari Car, or to Fly First Class, would be a status symbol. The reverse is to be a Hobo, and live in five dollar a night hotels, taking the bus.

I admit, I am outrageously status conscious, this is one of my hobbies, I am totally enthralled with status symbols, ideas, and how a person improves or lessons his or her status on the planet. It is amazing how much work a person will do to look cool.

I was mulling this status idea around in my head, decided I need a cup of coffee in the airport. I went to the water fountain, filled up a cup of water, walked back over to the electrical outlets close to the seating. I plug my one-cup cooker into the wall electrical outlet and wait. Many people are watching, I think to myself, I suppose they think this is low status or low class, I think paying four dollars for a cup of coffee is something a lemming does.

I do not care they drink four dollar cups of coffee, I think it funny, I love to be status conscious, I mean, I constantly am aware of others people need to be upper class at any cost.

Macho in a way, death before dishonor, never admit they spend their whole paycheck, or have no remorse in billing everything to their employer.

Sometimes people make fun of me, I say,
"Now do you ever see me working, you work, and I play."

Status a way to Group People