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Something Human Happened

2008-03-25 10:07:00

Something Human Happened
“...something human happens and was recorded. That seems to me the point of travel writing.”
Paul Theroux

"Most travel writing was about vacations and comforts, not real journeys and ordeals. So the very words "travel writing" were debased to the point where I hated to use them.”

From: Guardian Newspaper from England

Acapulco - 8 Miles North of the City
Pie de la Cuesta - Playa Luces
Laguna de Coyuca - Barra de Coyuca
Tuesday, March 25, 2008
Andy of ---

- the "I hate Mexicans" parts of Greene's The Lawless Roads -

From: Guardian Newspaper from England

Something human happens is travel writing, to explain what is human, to accept, and love the fact we are human.

My mother once asked,
“What do Mexican do on Holidays?”
I said,
“Get drunk for three days, and blow off firecrackers.”

The art of travel is to anticipate humans being human, be just a spectator and not a participant, then remember to leave before you learn to hate the people.

I am laughing, down below, right now while I am typing this, the Mexicans are very drunk, dangerously noisy, in the bar attached to the El Pacifico Inn here in Mexico.

I told a friend the other day who lives on Pie de la Cuesta,
“There was a reason I left Mexico.”

I lived here one year, in and out of this culture called Mexico. I purchased a plane ticket to Guatemala yesterday, 14 days in country and time to leave their home and try to forget. I stayed too long the last time, I will never forget or forgive it seems.

The constant cliché about Mexico is,
“Don’t drink the water.”
If you travel in a country, you will drink their water, taste their food, and look in their windows, if you do not want to drink their water, stay home, or leave.

I sometimes become baffled by the reader, writer, or person who says to look for the good in people. This advice is from a person who is in a bad situation and is continually reminding themselves this dictum,
“Look for the good in people.”

I do not look for the good in people, when I do see good people, you know, the obvious, no problem person, the real thing, then I stay longer. Why sit around looking for the good in people, when I am not finding this good, I do what I am supposed to do, I travel to another places to search. There is no shortage of beautiful nature, trees, cities, every kind of wonder on the planet.

I do not live here, my family is not here, I do not work here, I do not have to make the best of a bad situation, I can do anything I want, I do not need to escape, I am not trapped.
“I am free.”

No excuses here, however, may I say,
“Excuse me, I need to go.”

I had a plan, a plan is something I do until a better one comes along.

Something Human Happened