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Six Dollar Gas in USA with YouTube Girl

2008-03-08 01:47:00

Six Dollar Gas in USA with YouTube Girl
I truly hope to find this on YouTube.com, a video of Six U.S. Dollar per gallon gas. I wrote a post about good luck on 3 Dollar Gas and I received a couple of emails both more or less saying Europe and the USA does not have enough land to supply the corn, soybean, palm crops to supply the vegetable oil bio-fuels.

I believe the mind is capable of 100 times what is anticipated possible.

Example: Remember when everyone was saying they could not make faster chips, what they predicted 10 years ago is now funny.

Note, I go to Africa, I do not think we will be allowed to go and Rape the place again of Lumber, or Bio-fuels, not they sold us the slaves, not really a rape. Moreover, just because people are prone to abuse is not a reason to not try to be good boys.

Indiana, United States of America
Small Town USA
Saturday, March 8, 2008
Andy of HoboTraveler.com ---

LETTERS from Readers:

EUROPE perspective:

Hi Andy,

I'm not really certain about this but from a European perspective I
think the big problem with mass bio fuel use is that we don’t have
enough land to be able to produce enough bio fuels and still have
enough for other crops and animals so what has been suggested is we go rape Africa again and use their land to grow our bio fuel needs, pay them fuck all, deprive them of the ability to continue the sustenance farming that most people practice and we have a fair idea that none of the money paid to the country for the bio fuels will make it to the people losing their land! I don’t know about the possibilities in
America but I’d imagine it's pretty similar.
Might be worth looking into a bit more!

good luck

USA Perspective:


Still think it has to be nuclear, probably nuclear driven hydrogen production.

How many gallons get burned in US in a year? How many acres are there? Don’t think we will be eating, and I like food.


I personally think hydrogen is good, I think greed based bureaucracy and lets get rich off government contracts kills nuclear.

Ok, lets go to 10, this for sure will induce.

“What the mind of man can conceive and believe, he can achieve.”
Napoleon Hill

I truly believe we will one day in the next 50 years find a way to have unlimited supplies of energy. And I like the herding goats idea, plus see that someone should assign a job to the CIA on Chavez.
Hehehe, then onto Sadr City.

Like the word YouTube in the title, just me having fun banging peoples google alerts.

Six Dollar Gas in USA with YouTube Girl

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