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Seoul, Korea No Mans Land

2008-03-02 17:57:00

Seoul, Korea No Mans Land
I am in the Korean Airport, I am not in Korea, I have left Thailand, and I am a man without a country. I am in No Mans Land the area between the two guard posts.

Korean people talk loud.

Seoul, Korea No Mans Land
Inch eon International Airport
Seoul Korea Airport
Monday, March 3, 2008
Andy of HoboTraveler.com ---

This is a perfect airport to sleep in, providing you can get in the international zone. I the benches here are padded, warm, and inviting, makes the Thailand airport seem like a dungeon. Hardwood floor, free drinking water, generally a great place to spend 12 hours looking at Korean fashions and all that includes.

The are truly a staccato, machine gun, speaking country.

Life is good, there is easy to find electricity, I am even on a padded bench with my computer plugged in.

I went to the transit hotel here in the Asiana area of the hotel.

55 U.S. Dollars for 6 hours…

No WIFI in the room, however in the lobby. I thought, I am already in the lobby…

Asiana Airlines was nice, they gave me an 8-dollar food ticket, it is always a good idea stop at transit desk, and they tend to offer things. If I had a round trip ticket they would give me a room, Cristol the girl before said I could get a room free, I went back to check and the next one said no.

Marginally better, I suppose the TV is the benefit of the room, if I want to learn about Korean Culture, I have 12 hours of looking at it outside the room.

I have decided not to enter the city or get the passport stamp, it just is not my way of traveling.

I just remember, there is a very serious no mans land between North and South Korea.

Seoul, Korea No Mans Land

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