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Saving Money to Escape

2008-03-13 09:58:00

Saving Money to Escape
I am not sure if my readers know it, however I am very aware of a change in myself. I am tired of the crap of people I meet on the planet, it does not matter which country I am in, it is all the same.

Acapulco - 8 Miles north of the City
Pie de la Cuesta - Playa Luces
Laguna de Coyuca - Barra de Coyuca
Wednesday, March 12, 2008
Andy of HoboTraveler.com ---

I am tired of watching people piss in the street, cockroaches in the room because the cleaning people do not clean. I am sad that I must carry toilet paper 24 hours per day in my pocket, I am tired of sheets that do not stay on the bed, I just do not understand why the batteries in the TV remote are dead.

Good enough seems to prevail on the planet, I live with continuous mediocre people.

They all seem to define themselves by what they are capable of buying, not by what they are capable of doing. They feel their merit it in buying a house, like this is special.

I am not sure, I do not think there is any solution. The world is getting safer, however the people of the planet are becoming cows, boring me to death with their attitude that good enough is good enough.

I have decided to save up my money, try to be more judicious in my spending habits and at the same time plan my travels more carefully.
1. I have tripled my work on websites and now work about 3-5 hours per day on my internet pages, and not the normal 1-2 hours. I plan on doubling my income in the next six months. I earn about 100 dollars per day and want to go to 200 dollars.

2. I will live 10-30 days in all locations to cut the cost of living in half, whereby I can save more money, I will not pay more than about 400 dollars per month for housing, really an easy budget.

3. Search for Paradise.

I have become the same thing I am complaining about, I have learned to accept that good enough is good enough. I have become a cow, I really hate what I see in others as I do see the exact same in myself. However, today I change, I will get up and walk the beach for an hour to get my exercise, lift some weight, I guess it will be the normal water bottles I use for barbells and not eat.

I am guessing, I never see scales, but I am probably 30-40 pound too heavy to be happy with myself.

4. Lose Weight and Exercise.
I will get down to 175 pound and exercise daily.

I am not sure what happened, but 10 years ago when I started traveling there were groups of independent travelers who discussed where good places to go were, I almost never see any of theses people anymore. It is like they all went home and turned on the TV and left the road.

There is this asinine idea of stopping travel, this really has nothing to do with travel, it has to do with people. I must stop talking to the cows and find some super achievers who have a life, somebody who does not want to be a cow.

I guess the saving money to escape it about having enough money to escape this crap when I find good places to go. I tend to think Africa is a lot better place to travel to than here, however the beaches of Mexico are special, it only takes one groups of good people in a location to make the place special for a month of my life. So one month at a time, I will search for my special place, and hope to save or earn enough money to escape or run away from the cows when I find I am part of the herd.

Saving Money to Escape

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