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Number One Problem With Photos

2008-03-21 10:07:00

Number One Problem With Photos
I take photos, I am not in love with my photos, and I do not open up my computer and try to show my photos to people.

I am normal, I am the
“I need money traveler,”
and photos are a great way to generate cash.

I do not know how you could call yourself a traveler if you did not somewhat obsess on scrounging for money so we do not need to go home. A traveler, hoboes, vagabonds, tramps, we are all bums for the money, we need the juice that pays for the road, we need Dollars.

Acapulco - 8 Miles North of the City
Pie de la Cuesta - Playa Luces
Laguna de Coyuca - Barra de Coyuca
Thursday, March 20, 2008
Andy of ---

I got a small “Heads Up” from Boy Genius from India while in we were in Thailand having a meeting on what to do with this big mess of a site called, and the rather clean one called

He said,
“Andy, photos generate about 10-30 percent of traffic.”
Then he pushed the issue,
“10-30 percent of our visitors come from Image search.”

I bow my head, look down at the floor, try to come up with some juicy rationalization, and then try to shy off,
“I know.”

There is what I know in life, and what I want to do in life, and working on photos to make money to me is work, no two ways about it, I do not like this work, it is like watching “I Love Lucy” reruns for days.

I said,
“My Mom is bugging me about the photo thing.”

Then just yesterday she write and does it again, Boy Genius is on the beat, my mother is on the beat, even wrote and said where are the newsletters and ALL the photos.

Mom writes,
“We Loved your pictures yesterday. Wish you still did a newsletter even if the pictures did not have captions. So much fun to look at all your old newsletters. love prayers mom dad”

This is how it works, I do daily Blogs, easy to do, and I put some photos in them when it helps support my diary. Sometimes I put them in just to make people happy. For every photo that is in the blog, there are maybe 50 that are not, or even up to 100 photos, the blog readers never see.

The people who read the newsletters can see all the photos.
“Ooops, I have not sent a newsletter in over a year.”

The newsletters preceded the blog, the trendy thing to do before Blogs was newsletters, so I wrote newsletters for about four years before I ever blogged, in each of the newsletter I would put all the photo links.

Blogs or Newsletters, more or less just an online travelogue, just using different words.

Ok, get to the point, what are the big problems with photos, my mother has asked, inquired, talked until she even knows my problem.
“not have captions”


EXAMPLES: No Captions




EXAMPLES: With Captions

This is a Catholic Church maybe, the sign about the entrance says,
Capella Catolica
San Judas Tadeo

Located on the top of the hill at the base of Pie de la Cuesta, Playa Luces, 8 miles north of the city of Acapulco. I went up there to take videos of both the ocean and the lagoon at the same time.

“Harbor at Sunset
Seventeenth-century French artist Claude Lorrain’s stylized, ideal landscapes influenced many later artists, particularly English landscape painters. His Harbor at Sunset, painted in 1639, is in the Louvre museum in Paris, France.” (3)

The big problem is it takes a long time to write in proper captions or explanations of the photos. The value of the photos is zero to make money or generate traffic until I put the captions, change the filenames to mirror the captions and create the synergy of explanation that index needs to use the photos in their search engine.

However, thinking of readers, and I do care about the truly I am interested and need help person. For instance, I always try to put the price of something, why, because I go searching for hotels, buses, and other things on the internet and consider information about hotels of zero value unless the writer tells me the price. I am not going to go visit a hotel without knowing the price before I make this obnoxious journey.

Well, for a researcher, a person wanting to learn about taking landscape or photos of sunset, the caption below the photos explains the who, when, where, why, what and how of the photos. It gives them a thread of information they can follow, the spoor of the concepts, so they could repeat or duplicate my trip or research.

When I write, I try my best to always remember to do a mental checklist of who, when, where, why, what and how about the writing, I want to give a beginning and end, I want to give the map, I am not going to hoard information, I am a traveler, we help other travelers, because what goes around comes around and for sure I need help.

I continuously search for ways to do this caption thing faster, may even go so far as to write a computer programs to do it correctly and quickly. The better the camera, the more photos I can take, this has quadrupled the number of photos I can take, and now I even do not carry the camera sometimes because I do not want to write captions.

I am now dwelling on how a Traveler can make money, putting photos up on the internet CORRECTLY is about 10 time more profitable than writing Blogs, and about 10 times less interesting. However, some of the wanna be travelers need to get a life and realize that anything worth doing it worth working for; they have to pay the piper and work.

Number One Problem With Photos