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Mexico Favorite Foreign Tourist Destinations

Mexico Favorite Foreign Tourist Destinations
Mexico was the number one travel destination for American Tourist in 2004 according to Department of Commerce.

Wonder if they know the spelled the name of the country Colombia wrong? I got this data from the Encyclopedia Encarta.

This information is of negligible value, unless you are like me and semi-look for list of countries to not visit. I was scrounging around try to figure out why the prices of Mexico are five time higher than when I was here 8 years ago, just takes the fun out of going to Mexico when you have to pay a lot of money to live in globally non-competitive quality of rooms. What you get for the money is on the lower rungs of the world, however I truly doubt anyone cares.

I guess in a way, I try to think in these terms:

Which countries are easy to go hang around in?

I think I would have to remove Mexico from the list, revise my map on the index of and not include in Barefoot Hobo Travel.

Acapulco - 8 Miles north of the City
Pie de la Cuesta - Playa Luces
Laguna de Coyuca - Barra de Coyuca
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U.S. Travelers' Favorite Foreign Tourist Destinations

2004 Country/Region Visited Number of Travelers (in thousands)

Mexico 19,360
Canada 15,056
U.K. 3,692
France 2,407
Italy 1,915
China 1,805
Germany 1,750
Jamaica 1,258
Japan 1,067
Bahamas 1,012
Dominican Republic 957
Netherlands 930
Spain 903
Hong Kong (China) 738
Ireland 738
Costa Rica 629
India 629
Taiwan 629
Australia 602
Brazil 602
Republic of Korea (South Korea) 574
Switzerland 520
Columbia 438 (Oops, I did the same when I first went there.)
Greece 438
Philippines 438

2004 according to the U.S. Department of Commerce, ITA, Tourism Industries.

Mexico Favorite Foreign Tourist Destinations