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Korea The Lights are On

2008-03-04 05:31:00

Korea The Lights are On
And somebody is home.

Two plane trips, 12 hours in a Korean Airport, it is frightening my observations.

Fast eyes, quick precise movement, this Korean animal is dangerous.

Seoul, Korea No Mans Land
Monday, March 3, 2008
Andy of ---

The world is climbing into the internet, a cell phone, a constant music in the ears. I find that the human animal is becoming weak and complacent, soft targets and not aware of the world.

Then I enter Korea and I see an animal that probably functions more efficiently than my own tribe, called Americans.

This is great, I think I need to go to China and see if they are the next leader of the planet.

There is growing dullness of the mind in the developed countries, their ability to reason, think, make decisions becomes more a repetition of what they watched on television or read. The original idea is dying. I am growing increasing ashamed of my own tribe, I see them as weak, fragile and incapable of a good fight. Then a fat boy like Michael Moore is given credibility, I know there is trouble in the land.

It is incredible to watch the brains of these Koreans, their eyes are dangerously fast.

Korea The Lights are On