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Internet Travel Job

2008-03-23 10:07:00

Internet Travel Job
To make money while traveling on the internet is a one in five hundred, or 1 in 10,000 proposition. The odds of you succeeding are close to zero unless you really listen and learn, not a normal talent for people who work on computers.

I keep trying to prioritize, and analyze my success at earning enough money to live in any country on the planet.

Acapulco - 8 Miles North of the City
Pie de la Cuesta - Playa Luces
Laguna de Coyuca - Barra de Coyuca
Sunday, March 23, 2008
Andy of ---

Please, do not think that being a travel writer or blogging your trip is going to make you a lot of money. Yes, if you blog about 10 times per day with great titles, SEO perfect, every day of the week and do a lot of perfect behaviors you could succeed, maybe, and if you want a list of people who have not, just search on for Travel Journals. Hehehe, when they go home, there was a reason, no money.

The problem for travelers is they want to enjoy their work, and also travel, writing a travelogue or keeping a personal diary is enjoyable after it becomes a habit. More or less, I have the daily chance to evaluate my life, think through decisions, take some fuzzy thoughts, and transform them into clarity.

Now, I wish I could be paid a lot of money by putting this on the internet, GONG!

You lose, I lose.
However, if you want to self-promote, push yourself over to the New York Times, walk into every newspaper office, write pre-written public relations releases in every language you encounter, then yes it you could succeed better, maybe if you are really an inherently interesting person.

Hindsight is 20/20 they say, and after you start making good money on the internet while continuing to travel you can look back and see why.

I have never met, and do not know of any person on the planet who continuously travels and moves who makes enough money to travel anywhere on the internet. I know of a few who use E-bay and sell items on the internet, there is one guy in Iquitos, Peru that does pretty good at this, however he is living in Iquitos and the USA, not just traveling.

There are jobs you can do that take many brains in life.
- Working on nuclear reactors. -

There are jobs that require a lot of natural ability.
- Golf Pro or Language Translator. -

There are jobs that need quirky brains, sort of randomly thinkers.
- Writing -

If a person just wants to party and travel then they should just teach English and live cheap, more or less live in one location per year, then change each year.

I have been trying my best for years to find a way to take just the average person, nothing exceptional and help them to make money on the internet. I think I need some lab rats.

I have explained for day, hours to exceptionally smart people how I make money on the internet and they just cannot do it, there are so many reasons they fail it is annoying.

They need to go read Napoleon Hills 32 something ways people fail to succeed in that book Think and Grow Rich.

Back on topic, well, I sat with boy genius from India in Bangkok, Thailand, the person has worked for me for four years, and he is brilliant, however he cannot just go make money on the internet without my help.

I would propose, I now have with great 20/20 hindsight been able to narrow down a specific easy to learn, fun way to earn money, and is more or less the same as what every blogger is already to doing, just with a twist, and a push, and a kick.

The problem is this; it takes many steps, a few computer programs, and probably about a week of training to learn. I suppose a refresher, The-One-Minute-Manager type, put them back on track course a few weeks later would help solidify their training.

I want to help travelers to earn money, but like any Hobo, I do want listen to your Tough Talk, noisy rants, asinine, and inane comments.

Caesura - Stop - Full Stop - Pause - I am having a moment…

I really have no clear path on where to go with this; I started out to explain how to make money on the internet, and have decided not to open this huge can of worms. I have been abused, used, manipulated, conned and have evil trolls and ugly little people push and shove around in my life. The world has some real greedy takers on the planet and travelers or wanna be travelers are the kings of selfish, some of the most dangerous sociopaths on the planet.

Techies and people absorbed in their connectivity addiction are top of the barrel bad, trolls, and one-up-man-ship annoying people. They really must be made to listen with a two by four on the head, making sure it breaks like a pig going for a hole in the fence.

More or less, a person could be a travel photographer, travel the earth, become famous, and make money. Note, and if they were good at writing this would just be a bonus.

Live on the beach, in Africa or take an endless tour of Europe, this is possible.
I guess I have two choice on how to talk about this, I could require a person to pay me 5000 Dollars for a weeks training to learn to earn 30-50,000 dollars per year and more on the internet while traveling.

On the other hand, I could write a book, paper has a way of being efficient, and for sure, this is 225 pages of explanation.

Or, as the Scarecrow explains in the Wizard of Oz, I could do both.

Internet Travel Job