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Faster Metal Detection in Airport

2008-03-05 07:58:00

Faster Metal Detection in Airport
I would propose this is as a simple solution that truly increase the speed of going through the metal detectors in airports.

This little envelope is the solution. (The start of the solution)

Indiana, United States of America
Small Town USA
Wednesday, March 5, 2008
Andy of ---

There is often a line up to 25 meters long of people going through metal detectors in Airports. This line is a good thing; they want to protect me and everyone on the plane from crazies who would carry a gun, weapons or bombs on the plane.

The problem is people do not prepare for these metal detectors. People do not think until they are two feet in front of the machine, then suddenly they understand.
- Ooops, this machine detects metal. -
- My coins in my pocket are a problem. -

I enjoy going through these metal detectors, and as I go hop on through the workers look surprised.
- Ooops, there No Metal, and there is NO alarm. -
I then say to the workers, -
- I have practice! -

I often look at business people and think,
- You must be a very stupid businessperson when you cannot even prepare and anticipate for the metal detectors. -
(Not the person I want to do international business for me.)

Well, we got to get these business people thinking about 10 feet further back, if there was small turnstile thing or something with a sign that says.

- Those Foreign coins are metal; they will make the machine alarm ring. They are not going to be of value in the next country, give them to UNICEF or Red Cross where they would be of value. -

Two birds with one stone.
1. Starts the people thinking about metal and speeds up the queue.
2. Raises money for something we hope is of good value.

Asiana Airlines passed around these envelopes on their planes. I gave some coins of no value now outside of Thailand. Hehehe.

Faster Metal Detection in Airport