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Blackbeard the Pirate

2008-03-28 11:15:00

Blackbeard the Pirate
Ironic twist of fate, I turn on a movie this morning in Antigua, Guatemala and what is on the Hallmark Channel.

There is a small pleasure in trying to understand the freedom a pirate enjoyed living outside the law, an outlaw.

Honduras is close; I have felt a small egret for years because I took the El Salvador path south through Central America on my prior visit and not the Honduras, Scuba Dive, Pirate Island Route.

Antigua, Guatemala.
One hour from Guatemala Cit
Friday, March 28, 2008
Andy of ---

I read the Historical Novel by James Michener somewhere while on the road and learned some interesting wanders of the Pirates of the Caribbean.

I see the Wiki is doing a great job of collecting list Historical Novels. A typical style of many travel writers is to start out with a Quote, then slowly name drop titles of books, with quotes from these books.

When they wish to disclaim or distance a comment from themselves, or somehow say something, but not take responsibility, they will quote another book, thus saying the same thing without the heat. I normally just write and say what I think, and then add the quotes as collaboration. Interesting twist of styles if you notice, some authors almost take no responsibility for their own thoughts or beliefs.

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Blackbeard the Pirate