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Avoid Guidebook Follow Surfers Travel

2008-03-22 10:12:00

Avoid Guidebook Follow Surfers Travel
Mexico is a disaster zone for tourist and travelers, about the same as the Caribbean, just one huge annoying tourist trap. One week or two weeks and you can be happy, after that, you could learn to really despise these places.

I think I have to completely leave any place listed in the guidebook, and maybe follow the surfers to find the new paradise NOT full of tourist locations.

I do not have a guidebook, this is a problem, I need a list of places not to go.

Acapulco - 8 Miles North of the City
Pie de la Cuesta - Playa Luces
Laguna de Coyuca - Barra de Coyuca
Saturday, March 22, 2008
Andy of ---

Well, I will rely on my memory, for sure Puerto Escondido is in the guidebook so as I go south, I need to avoid this beach, try to find others. On Tuesday or Wednesday, I should start to move slowly south, the price of Airplane ticket is double what they should be so makes taking a bus the best value.

I do not want to take all night buses as is typical or easy to do, I want to get up in the morning and travel from about 6:00 am until 10-12 then stop and find a room, hang out if good, or continue down the road.

I am going to rely on my instincts, and wing it, I will take Colectivo Taxis from Pie de la Cuesta into the city and maybe just continue to take them south 200 kilometers.

When a person gets into a group taxi they need to know where they are going, the taxi is running a route, you need to give the driver some help, this makes the Travel Golf lie of the ball easier.

In Pie, I will say to the driver Acapulco, then while in the taxi start to say Airport then sort of keep talking about cities.

Aero Puerto
Barra Vieja
Calle 200
San Marcos
San Jose
Cruz Grande

8 Kilometers for 10 Pesos or One Dollar.

If my math hold true, it would cost about 37.50 to take Colectivo Taxis all the way to Puerto Escondido, however I doubt they have them all the way. I am hoping there is Combi these little Volkswagen Vans used for mass transit here. If not, I guess I flag down big buses and keep going of find the Estrella de Oro buses and keep on moving.

I do not want to take night buses, I do not want to wait from noon until midnight to leave, waste 12 hours of time just to take a bus. Plus, I saw this country by night bus before, not a good way to see a country but if you want to see a country a lot better than planes.

When you get in a small bus, talk with the locals, have a good old time of traveling hanging out with the locals, normally one or two of them will help me to find small Mom and Pop hotels and I end up being immersed in the local culture. Seems funny, but people say they are going to Mexico and completely miss the half the country or three quarters by somehow avoiding the Mexican people completely. I suppose they do not talk with them in the USA, why would they talk with them in Mexico.

I wonder how many people leave Mexico and never get to step one.
“Hola Amigo” or get to watch the Tortillas being made on the conveyor belt device.

Avoid Guidebook Follow Surfers Travel