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Acapulco Pie de La Cuesta Mountain

2008-03-20 09:33:00

Acapulco Pie de La Cuesta Mountain
A video of Pie de la Cuesta, called Playa Luces from the top of the mountain that overlooks the beach. This beach is located about 8 miles North of Acapulco and is know for the place to watch the Sunset. Whales and Dolphins swim close to the beach, however the waves are very dangerous for small children. A great place to stay because of outside the big city of Acapulco, but just a taxi drive or bus trip away.

What is unique?

Acapulco - 8 Miles north of the City
Pie de la Cuesta - Playa Luces
Laguna de Coyuca - Barra de Coyuca
Thursday, March 20, 2008
Andy of ---

Because of the winds are continually blowing in from the ocean across a very narrow piece of land, less than 100 meters in width the main Hotel area has almost no mosquitoes.

This is Pie de la Cuesta or Playa Luces, to the left is where the sun sets and to the right is a large lagoon where they have water skiing and boat trips. This strip of land is about 20 kilometers long and has a Mexican Airforce Base on its, at the end of the strip is a small village called La Barra. The whole area is maybe called Laguna de Coyuca or Barra de Coyuca, however to get to the beach it is easies to say Pie de la Cuesta or Playa Luces. Taxis are a pain in Mexico as normal and you need to just say about 8 US Dollars or better yet take a bus for around 50 cents U.S. There are collectivo taxis that cost 1 dollars also, take great care with the Mexican Taxi drivers they are the kings of crooks, in some ways a lot safer to take a bus.

The central point of the beach is the Restaurant called Tres Marias and best to tell the Taxi to go to Tres Marias to watch the Sunset. To live on this beach now is a challenge as they have raised the price thinking they are more special than they are, this has driven away the long-term expats travelers and now bring in more or less the rich Mexicans from Mexico City complete with children and noise.

I stay in a room now for 1000 pesos per week, about 100 USA dollar, however it is on the ridiculous side, however cheaper. I expect after Easter passes the price of room will become extremely negotiable. The cheaper room are probably now towards the entrance and you must just walk in an say you will pay five dollars or something really cheap and get them down to a good price. The real value of the rooms on this beach from a global vacation perspective is between 5 and 20 dollars per night for about any hotel on this beach. The prices they are asking you may as well go to the Caribbean for the same price.

I would say from a backpacker go live on the beach, enjoy life this is now a disaster zone as about 10 to 20 years past it prime and sold to the tourist industry. This is a prime time tourist beach now and not for connoisseur beach people, however is a nice place to walk up and down for a few days.

Take great care with your children and do not trust the life guards to save them or watch them, the water hits right on the beach are some of the most dangerous I have ever seen. Not because of the size, but because the seem ok, however they hit immediately on the beach and can easily flip you on your head. People often go out beyond the waves and become to afraid to return to the beach.

The lifeguards are more or less to give the illusion of safety, not really up to standards needed for this type of beach.

Video of Pie de la Cuesta Beach from mountain, this is not a beach video, explains the view of the fresh water lagoon and the ocean.
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Video of Pie de la Cuesta

Acapulco Pie de La Cuesta Mountain