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2008 March 11 Enter Mexico

2008-03-13 09:49:00

2008 March 11 Enter Mexico
I left Fort Wayne, Indiana on March 11 in the morning and entered Mexico City, Mexico at about 3:00 PM. I transited in Mexico City and went on to Acapulco to a small large spit of land north of the city called Pie de la Cuesta, or maybe Playa Luces.

This is a travel marker to remember the way.

Acapulco - 8 Miles north of the City
Pie de la Cuesta - Playa Luces
Laguna de Coyuca - Barra de Coyuca
Wednesday, March 12, 2008
Andy of HoboTraveler.com ---

They cancelled the first flight because of fog in Clevelandm, Ohio and then put my on another route. And so far Continental Airlines, Delta, Aeromexico has lost my two bags and Aeromexico refuses to bring the bags to my Hotel. SNAFU

NOTE: I got my bags, as I went to Airport and picked up.

The USA does not give an exit stamp, therefore I must keep this type of diary entry for taxes. I am able to earn up to 80,000 US and not pay taxes providing I am not in the USA more than 30 days per year.

2008 March 11 Enter Mexico

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