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Why to Never Overstay Your Visas

2008-02-14 05:14:00

Why to Never Overstay Your Visas
In the future we make get a Visa Trust Rating, people the have a history of obeying the Visa rules and laws will enter and leave country with less problem.

I am sorry sir, we do not trust you to leave as agreed.

Bangkok Thailand - Southeast Asia
Khao San Road Area
Thursday, February 14, 2008
Andy of ---

“Frequent travellers who never outstay their visas and possess biometric passports would gain fast-track entry.”

Guardian Newspaper Online:

I have overstayed the permission to be in a country one time, and this was in Thailand for two days. The overstay cost me 5 dollars per day. More or less this is some money making gimmick for Thailand.

Being illegally in countries is common, however as the world connects all the computers database there will come a day when they may just deny entry to you…

You walk up to the desk, hand the person your passport, the officer behind the desk swipes your passport over the readers. He or she than says,
- I am sorry sir, you cannot enter, we see you have overstayed you Visa in Thailand one time, and two times in the Philippines. -

OR.... hehehe give us 500 dollars and enter.

Why to Never Overstay Your Visas