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Who am I

2008-02-12 20:06:00

Who am I
Who am I? Who are you? I assume that I know who I am; therefore, I sometimes forget to introduce myself. About Andy

I am Andy of, and what is your name?

I do not like to be anonymous, however, .... maybe I do like to be anonymous. This is confusing.

If you want to get into the Identity Theft and Internet Scams business, now is the time to do so…. hehehe

Bangkok Thailand - Southeast Asia
Khao San Road Area
Wednesday, February 13, 2008
Andy of ---
If I need honest advice, I call a couple of friends I have known for years and ask opinions. There is a temptation to just blog about it, propose a question and hope some good ideas sprout wings.

I am here in Bangkok working with Andrew Boy Genius from India on the internet site that will have will have list of all, and any type of room for Tourist to sleep site called:

The who am I question is a daily conversation.

Then, the who are you question comes up?

The problem is this, and I experience it daily on the comments of this blog. The anonymous side of people is the shadow, the dark side, when there is no commitment, they feel license to insult, trick, lie and pretend they are something they are not or explain who the really are....

It is an intriguing look at culture on the blog comments I DELETE, you readers do not see for the most part.

However, when a hotel takes a reservation this is real, no jokes, the hotel needs to know or feel comfortable there is a person on the other side.

I do NOT recommend people make reservations.
Why, it is simple, I have lived in hotel rooms for 11 years and I do not trust the hotels. I also know, I do not trust the travelers. Both sides of the coin will lie, cheat, steal and play sneaky games if they can.

Commmitment has nothign to do with being anonymous.

Hotels are better than the tourist, however really it is neck and neck on who is more willing to lie to create a benefit.

Reservations are this, we give a credit card, they take money, and we agree to pay.

Stopping abuse is the goal, getting both sides to tell the truth, when the situation is about the same as paying taxes. I would say, the same people who cheat on taxes, cheat or lie when it comes to hotel reservations, it is not the view of humanity I like to see.

In the end, who I am and who are you is the question. There has to be a clear, simple, and easy to prove way that you can trust me, that I also can trust the hotel and if there is a problem, there are consequences.

Giving credit card numbers to hotels is not safe, you do really does not want someone in Thailand sitting around running up bills on your card. Nobody talks about this, admits this, because it is standing up and say,

It is not stupid to be robbed or cheated, but some do volunteer more than others, and some people are smarter than others are. (Animal Farm)

I only use Credit or Debit Cards at ATM machines that are attached to big banks. I then try to only use the same machine. I do not use Travelers Checks because they are not accepted worldwide as they say.

Proving who you are is best done with a credit card.

Therefore, the solution is this, how to prove whom I am with a credit card to the hotel and never give the card number to the hotel.

By the way, thank you to all you folks who so easily volunteer to give credit cards to Hotels, Tour Companies and other Tourist industry people. This is truly a great benefit for me. They concentrate on you, the soft and volunteer targets. They do not get very creative and try to swindle me; they have a full inventory of people who just hand over their card.

Who am I