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White Asians and Tan Foreigners

2008-02-19 23:00:00

White Asians and Tan Foreigners
The foreigners see being tan as a sign of being rich; the Asian people consider being tan as being poor.

Koh SiChang Thailand - Southeast Asia
Island South of Bangkok 120 Kilometers
Tuesday, February 19, 2008
Andy of ---

Similar to the deep south of the USA before the Civil War, the aristocrats could and would judge people on the color or their skin.

A person with a Tan or brown from the sun was a worker, had to work, while a pasty white person did not have to work.

This is the same now in Thailand or Asia, a person that has to work in the sun is considered labor, not upper class.

I see cleaners in the streets of Bangkok, every part of their body is covered, it is intriguing to know if they are truly trying to stop the sun so that they will not appear poor or the working class.

White Asians and Tan Foreigners