Weather Planning

Weather Planning
I do not like cold weather. To know the temperature of a travel destination in the future is a challenge.

I have found one solutions. Monthly Weather Averages

What is the weather in March, April, May for the city of Montpelier, France?
- Comme Ci, Comme Ca -

Bangkok Thailand - Southeast Asia
Khao San Road Area
Sunday, February 10, 2008
Andy of ---

The weather today is not important, I must accept the today’s weather as is, however when planning my future destinations I can choose the best average temperatures.
(What do you think? Will that link break?)

With the link on Average Temperature I can plan for weather happiness, my happiness, not yours, we are not the same animal.

I want to have a guide as to how long this site has been in business, I truly do not like to fall in love with internet sites that goes out of business. Even worst is when I blog, post a link to them, then in some brain glitch a site changes the link, therefore effectively breaking my site.

I would love to have the Average Monthly Temperature line on correlated as best we can to the cities of the planet.

The truth is I can find all this information fast on a high-speed connection. When I am in Africa, out in the jungle, on some deserted island, this becomes just some vague dream. I must somehow know how to return to these pages, or to my own sites.

Weather Planning

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