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USA Citizen Travel to Cuba

2008-02-23 17:32:00

USA Citizen Travel to Cuba
A friend who talks with upper level USA Government people wrote me to explain about how to travel to Cub providing I do not use his name.

I would like to travel to Cuba; I have met many people who have traveled to Cuba. Three USA citizens, two New Zealand, one Belgium, and many Scandinavians on Sex Tours as is their cultural nature.

Bangkok Thailand - Southeast Asia
Khao San Road Area
Saturday, February 23, 2008
Andy of ---

I do not feel the USA is in danger from Cuba; however, I do believe they have some friends that want to cause trouble for the USA. I will be very glad when Fidel Castro and all his family dies, and hopefully the people of Cuba decide they should be friends of the USA as a democratic nation with freedom for their people.

I do feel a responsibility to all citizens of the USA to be a good citizen, a good example, and to represent myself in a way that would make my country proud. The normal USA Citizens or World Citizens are normally committed functional treason to their home country saying,
- I have nothing to do with my government. -

I believe every USA Citizen says something with their actions; the continuous represent our cultural tribe.

However, as Peter Denied Christ, the wide majority of tourist and travelers deny any allegiance to their country unless is a total benefit.

Ironically, me and Andrew the tech from India here in Bangkok met a girl from Puerto Rico, an America Citizen who traveled to Cuba yesterday while eating inside the Wat area.

Mara the girl denied most anything to do with the USA. This struck Andrew, an India citizen who dreams of going to the USA as hypocritical. The girl was traveling the world with a USA passport, obviously benefited greatly from being a USA citizen, however even went so far as to deny being from the USA. Andrew has a difficult time traveling, every step, every Visa, every movement has to be carefully planned, so he see clearly the benefits of the USA citizenship.

I Andy of am very grateful to come from the USA; this country has given me opportunities very few countries on the planet enjoy. I guess I could live in Norway and pay 50 percent of my money in taxes, hehehe

I am 100 percent made in the USA. The USA when compared to the 77 countries I have visited is the best countryt. I have another 175 and then maybe I can say conclusively that it is the best on planet Earth.

I said to Andrew, about Mara the Puerto Rico girl.
- She looks at the world like a child, it is normal, it is not normal to be adult, the normal citizen of the USA thinks as a child, they are not grateful for what they have always had. -


There are people in Cuba who get in boats and risk dying to go to the USA; this is a good example of the USA.

I have read a few articles about Responsible Travel, Ethical Travel and other trendy things about this idea from children writers, denying any responsibility for their governments. I am responsible for my government’s actions, I went to Iraq to go check up on what they are doing, and even when we disagree, I am still in support.

I never had any opinion on Cuba, seems like a stupid country to me. If they would have been friends with the USA, instead of having many problems for 50 years, they could have been something. They are defined as CASTRO; they are not defined as Cuba. When Castro dies, they can then maybe become Cubans, and not a Castro, a Castrated nation.


Here is the specific info on travel to Cuba from the State Dept and Treasury Dept Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), which oversees this ridiculous restriction. Reagan started tightening in 1982. Clinton didn't have the balls to cancel it and Bush2 tried to slam the door in 2005 - all in the pursuit of votes and donations.

You can legally go there now by applying under "OFAC General License" as a professional

"whose travel transactions are directly related to professional research in their professional areas, provided that their research 1) is of a noncommercial, academic nature; 2) comprises a full work schedule in Cuba; and 3) has a substantial likelihood of public dissemination."

The State Dept Cuba page is at
and a detailed info can be found at

The only problem is that the OFAC license may involve giving big brother more info than you want. Or you can simply fly in from Nassau, the Caymen Is or Cancun by showing Cuban Immigration an ID from your fitness club, orchid society or anything else with a name on it and getting no passport stamp. Our lovely gov't just wants the big fish; not the small fries. Just take cash and don't make any electronic financial transactions. (Feel free to post for all w/o my name.)

If you go, Andy, I'd also an alias while there. Just tell everyone on the website that your good friend, Marco Polo, is down there and will be writing Cuban bulletins for the website during his travels. (Name edited)

USA Citizen Travel to Cuba