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Update on Backpack Project

2008-02-08 19:55:00

Update on Backpack Project
I think progress on the backpack has stalled.

Bangkok Thailand - Southeast Asia
Khao San Road Area
Saturday, February 9, 2008
Andy of ---

Again, to reiterate what it takes to manufacture or make the perfect backpack.

Perfect Materials
Perfect Design
Perfect sewing or machine work.

I talked with Rodney from the Philippines this more with I asked him if he wanted me to take over the complete job of finding materials, and he said yes. Thereby I am taking over complete control of finding the best materials. I think I have jump above his skill sets.

When working on project the path changes, and truly, there is no reason to push any person to work or achieve a goal. I find in life I am either pulling or they are pushing me, I tend to stop pushing.

I now have a vision of the perfect backpack in my head.

I now have a list of materials I need to buy; this is a great accomplishment and great progress. I am using a site to find vendors of materials. I have decided that Hong Kong is the epicenter of business exchange for Asia; I therefore am searching for companies on, the internet, and any other way possible to find vendors.

(Note: To use without registering is almost worthless, the site has little value on the outside search, you must sign up, and submit on the inside request or more or less crap.)

One possible solution is to buy the materials at about 10 times the cost in the USA, make the prototype, then take the materials to Hong Kong and search for the original source.

I now have the goal of collecting all the materials in one location, when this goal is accomplished, I will have the backpack sown together. It is very possible I sew the bag myself together as I know how to do this.

Update on Backpack Project