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Two Thumbs up Archaeologist Wade

2008-02-06 18:21:00

Two Thumbs up Archaeologist Wade
- Indiana Jones fantasies -
Archeology Fieldwork in Nicaragua
Wade is going to work on an Archaeology site in Nicaragua, Central America.

I have James Michener book - The Source - dreams.

Then I went to Arbil, Iraq and saw an Archaeology "something," I guess called a Tell, go look at photos. Archaeology Iraq

Bangkok Thailand - Southeast Asia
Khao San Road Area
Thursday, February 7, 2008
Andy of ---

This is four photos I connected to make one panoramic photos of this large mound of dirt or adobe maybe in Arbil - Erbil, Iraq in the

Kurdistan are of North Iraq.
Photos of Iraq Tell

Newsletter of my Iraq trip in August of 2003.

A traveler searches for money to travel, 99 percent search to earn money to at home jobs, and the other 1 percent searches for a way to never stop traveling. Never-ending curiousity, a love for history, ethonology, archaeology, anthropology makes for a better traveler.

More or less you can follow your curiousity or become some traveler trash workin on hedonistic pleasure in a never ending cycle of non-fulfillment.

Very few of us get to indulge in the meat of travel, we normally get jobs teaching English, the majority of sons and daughters go off to party, and never saw the traveler roses. Wade is looking at the Traveler Roses.

Two Thumbs up Archaeologist Wade