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Top History Travel Destinations

2008-02-29 08:13:00

Top History Travel Destinations
What are the most important historical destinations on the planet? I try my best to read the World Heritage Site, however I forget. However, now I have found a simpler way, a map of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. I have added a PDF to the WayFinding Maps on

This is the long version of History, not the short version, it also includes Asia, China and Russia for the American that do not know there was history in Asia and not just Europe.

Bangkok Thailand - Southeast Asia
Khao San Road Area
Friday, February 29, 2008
Andy of ---

This is a larger than normal PDF file, 5 MEGS
World Heritage Sites Map

And, always can go to the World Heritage page: and read, if the connection will open this site in Africa. Not.

I am putting on my computer for a quick reference, and also put on the Travel Downloads page, where I sort of list all the things I thing you need to download before a trip.

Top History Travel Destinations