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Spirit of the Thailand House

2008-02-21 18:39:00

Spirit of the Thailand House
I start to take a photo of this Buddhist statue thingy and the Thailand girls say,
- No, that is the spirit of the house. -

Bangkok Thailand - Southeast Asia
Khao San Road Area
Friday, February 22, 2008
Andy of ---

This round mound of concrete and stones was to the left of an older house on the Island of Koh SiChang. If you look real close you can see small steps that are wrapped around the house.

Inside the home are a couple figures of humans, I took this with the 18X zoom camera and tried to be quick.

This is the home and what we call Typical Thai Style, made of wood, and has front porch, with chairs built into the side. The island of Koh SiChang seems to have an inordinate amount of older houses still intact and standing. The island was a Palace Island for the Rama V around 1892. Interesting and intriguing location as there is no bridge to the mainland.

The Thailand girl said, no, but the Thailand people often say no first and then understand the question, she more or less started the sentence with no, a language quirk of Thailand and can be very confusing. This used to be a problem for my German or English type brain, I now think more abstract and less literal and understand by body language and intention.

This may or may not be Buddhist, it takes weeks to separated these ideas into clarity of culture opinions and for sure you just cannot ask and get a correct answer.

Spirit of the Thailand House