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Social Marketing

2008-02-02 15:59:00

Social Marketing
I would propose marketing of New Media like CNN, and the marketing of Products work opposite.

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Sunday February 3, 2008
Andy of ---

There is some quote about how a happy client will tell one person, while and unhappy client will tell 15 people.

This stops sales.

In the news media or social marketing world, I would propose that happy and informative comment is told to one, and essentially negative one is told to 15.

Therefore, this post, which has inherent value, has no comments.

While this one, which is really me just thinking, and practically not going to help anyone but me to make money has comments.

The world really does want to feed the Jews to the Lions and watch from the stands. This mentality is tiresome, while I still enjoy the first post about helping a family.

Social Marketing