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SiChang Beach Helps me to Remember

2008-02-19 23:02:00

SiChang Beach Helps me to Remember
There is a great little beach on the Island of Koh SiChang at the Tam Pang Beach Resort. There is only beach on the Island and we found it and a room with a balcony looking at the ocean for 550 Baht.

I have finally found a sunbathing, read a book, enjoy the good life beach after two years of searching. I spent about three months in the Caribbean and never found a beach as good as Koh SiChang.

Koh SiChang Thailand - Southeast Asia
Island South of Bangkok 120 Kilometers
Wednesday, February 20, 2008
Andy of ---

It in incredibly nuts that I have not found a good beach in the last two years worth a darn.

I am also 100 percent sure that only about 1 in 20 people would call this a good resort. Too funny sometimes, however I truly do not believe people go to beaches to see beaches, they go to beach to say they went to the beach.

This beach on the other hand could be torture on the weekends when invaded by 300 beer drinking Thailand umbrella people.

SiChang Beach Helps me to Remember