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No Smoking No Drinking Hotels

2008-02-04 18:43:00

No Smoking No Drinking Hotels
I have a sign in my room saying No Smoking; however, the Hotel than provides a cigarette ashtray.

Rules are made to be broken; they for sure are not made to be enforced.

Bangkok Thailand - Southeast Asia
Khao San Road Area
Tuesday, February 5, 2008
Andy of ---

One of the major reasons and maybe the only reason I would ever live in the USA again is because of the many rules. If there was a country where the hotels were 10 dollars per night and many of the rules of the USA, it could be heaven. I suppose I could try to find a fun spot in the ever-boring country of Singapore.

I enjoy when the pedestrian has the right of way.
I enjoy throwing my trash in a bin.
I enjoy when people must leave the restaurant to smoke.
I enjoy when the police come and stop a bunch of drunks.
I enjoy when the police stop speeders.
I am 150 percent in love with zoning laws that says the neighbor cannot open a bar.

I sometime think maybe I can search on the internet for a healthy hotel, where there is no smoking and drinking. At first thought, a person would thing the vegetarian places would fit the bill, however drug use, drinking and smoking are worst in vegetarian places. I think they more or less overcompensate for their other weaknesses by seeking veggie world or religions. Sometime they take on an aura of holiness because they are too lazy to work.
However, a non-smoking hotel, a real non-smoking hotel would be extremely unpopular.

In the end, paying a lot of money to live in a five star hotel would not help me to avoid the trailer trash mentality.

I am never able to walk down the sidewalk in Asia without a continuous weaving between obstacles. Africa can sometimes be quiet, however noise pollution is fashionable. Making a lot of noise with the motorcycle or cell phone is fashionable.

It would be nice to be in a hotel where they respected any rules. I went in the doors of a few five star hotels in Manila to look around. There were cluster of men in front of the hotel talking, blocking the door, I remember one man pulling his shirt up and playing with his stomach. I thought to myself, I am still in the same bad neighborhood.

There is a section on called
- Neighborhood Ambience And Annoyances -
This tourist room completed the submision very well:

So far, we have induced anyone to understand what this category is for, however in the end. People do know they want to live in a good neighborhood, sadly, the hotel industry does not understand this concept very well, and for sure, I am presently in a bad neighborhood. Khao San Road is a voyeuristic experience on the cheap, however the last place on the planet to live.

No Smoking No Drinking Hotels