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New Global Tech Terminology

2008-02-25 18:06:00

New Global Tech Terminology
I am trying to interpret new India Global Technical Terminology as a Indian and a Thailand persons interpret and explain growth variables of

The Indian person said… ?
The Thailand person said… ?

Bangkok Thailand - Southeast Asia
Khao San Road Area
Tuesday, February 26, 2008
Andy of ---

Boy Genius from India says,
- Mind Boggling. -

The girl from Thailand, that has a master in Pharmacology focuses more on Boy Genius, saying.
- No too much jumping. No too much exciting. I no want heart attack -
Spoken in perfect Thai English.

I keep using the word,
- Tweak -

To adjust something slightly: to make a slight adjustment or change to something, especially in order to improve it or fix it (informal)
Example: tweaked the engine

Glossary of Webmaster Terms

Problem: How to have many cultures, and many languages work on a project and communicated effectively?

There is an intriguing language and cultural problem I face every day. People speak English as best they can, trying to explain what they are thinking. The words are not specific, it is not good diction; there is nothing succinct and clarifying about the words they use. I need to interpret correctly at a high level of accuracy, maybe up to 60 percent correct to make progress.
This works good when talking in person, however over Yahoo Messenger Chat the interpretation accuracy goes down to about 30 percent or less.

I guess in buzzword terms, we need to be on the same page.

When I hear slang spoken by an English speaker, I often cringe, thinking the person just went down to about 5 percent capacity to be understood.

New Global Tech Terminology