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My Worry about Being Jaded

2008-02-01 19:20:00

My Worry about Being Jaded
I see many bad things on the planet.

I sometimes worry about becoming jaded and insensitive, I worry one day I will stop feeling.

A few comments from readers has shown me who I am and who they are.

I reject an increasing number of comments from truly jade people. (Humurous to think an anonymous person can think they are important.)

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Saturday, February 2, 2008
Andy of ---

There are times to listen, there are times to look, there are times to hear, and there are times to feel. There is a time when a person should not feel too much.

There is humor in life, and there is sadness, however at the end of the day I want to know if I can look at both evil and good things and not make unfair judgments and enforce judgment when needed.

The readers of my blog are not as important to me as the people who are really in my life. There are people I meet everyday, real people, good and bad, and these people are what is important in my life.

There is internet world, this blogging world, and I continually learn this world is not real.

What is real are the people I meet everyday of the week as I wander around the planet.

I have made some good friends by email, and appreciate these friends.

I see an ever-increasing jaded world of readers, they do not trust anything, they do not believe in anything, they mistrust and think everyone is trying to snooker them. Maybe there are so many people in these people lives who lie and cheat to them, they are now incapable of believing in anyone or anything.

I still have the capacity to see the good in people; I can talk without having an agenda. I can think and feel the world. I also know I am not so macho that I have to pretend all is great, all is wonderful, or write about the world as a fantasy.

A few readers need to get a life; it is amazing to me how many find pleasure in this unreal world of the internet, and have no true life experiences.

The world is not out to get anyone, the world is good.
Life is good.

My Worry about Being Jaded