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Kosovo Complicates My Life

2008-02-24 17:59:00

Kosovo Complicates My Life
I have a part time job; it is the study of a sub-category of Geography that I have not figured out the name for…

I am required by this part-time job to study and keep an ongoing list of countries of the planet. I say the word countries loosely, and please use this word cautiously as it can mean or infer many things. - Country -

Kosovo is in the process of claiming independence, the list of country is changing, or is it? When will we decide, look at Tibet, Israel, 50 years after the fact and the world will not accept they are not refugees.

There needs to be expiration date on how use of the word refugee is allowed, this is asinine.

Bangkok Thailand - Southeast Asia
Khao San Road Area
Monday, February 25, 2008
Andy of ---

I truly do not want to start typing on this subject, the part time job is work enough, and I do not need to double it by explaining.

Saint Barthélemy is also a troublemaker, this little island I believe has or is changing it categorical country or whatever status.

What is even worst, I must slice and dice words. I must be so outrageously correct in use of words, it is forever annoying. It is like listening to a political correct person telling me about my views on women and realizing I am talking to myself.

The list of countries on the planet.

The study of the list of countries must have an official sounding name?

I could talk for hours on why most travel sites just are money hungry jerks, as they say they cover the planet, yet do not even come close to being a world-class site. There are hotel-booking sites; there are internet pages that complete ignore up to 75 countries of the planet, not enclaves, protectorates, but countries that are sovereign, independent nations.

I can hear them say,
- Ooops, I forgot, these countries do not make us money so we ignore. -

Some of the business traveler’s sites are just absurd, if there is any group of people that cannot ignore countries, it is the true business travelers.

I am not sure I can even hire someone to do this job, it has to be an act of free love or they will not try to do their best.

I truly do not want to be seen as a person who ignored a whole country. I see you Kosovo and Saint Barthélemy, I am not ignoring you, I am just not sure how to proceed. You are requiring me to change some 75,000 pages and maybe 7 million.

Kosovo Complicates My Life