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I Need Travel to Paradise

2008-02-29 18:33:00

I Need Travel to Paradise
I have no control over where I am. I have 100 percent control where I go. Happiness in life, or travel happiness is my responsibility. Whether I am a traveler or living in small town USA the conditions are the same.

There is a thought in the back of my mind that sabotages my ability to be travel happy, the thought is,
- I need to go visit countries. -

Bangkok Thailand - Southeast Asia
Khao San Road Area
Saturday, March 1, 2008
Andy of ---

The path is not always clear, there are times we just grin and bear it, and this is not what a person should do in life. I must accept that I am responsible for my happiness, then change the things in my life I can.

I do not go on vacations, I go to vacation spots and live for three to four months, then go on the next location. After I make the decision to live in one of these locations, I have no control over the location. The people I meet, the noise, the hotels, the neighborhoods are decided, until I move onto the next location.

There is a thought in the back of my mind that sabotages my ability to be happy.
- I need to go visit countries. -

I do not need to go to countries, I need to search for beautiful and happy places, where I meet people I enjoy to talk with and respect. The last three months in Asia, Thailand and the Philippines has been depressing. I just do not meet interesting people in Asia, all the friends I have in my email contact box are from other locations, I have one email address from Thailand.

I have been working on this section of my website called.
- Wayfinding Maps. -

It is not a joke; I am continuously trying to find my way, searching for “The Map” to “The Beach” as is insightfully explained by Alex in the movie “The Beach.”

In a way, we all go search for paradise, however, I think most people just grin and bear it, and pretend they found it, I continuously one day at a time for happiness. I do not just tolerate my bad days, I do not say buck up to myself, do not be a wimp. I know I am not a wimp; I can do anything I want, and will do just that. I will go do anything and say to hell with anyone, any place, or anything; I will escape all the headaches of life as best I can.

I am 100 percent responsible for my traveler happiness; however, I must take great care to remember. I am searching for paradise, and this idea of going to countries is not paradise, it is some vague stupid travelers bragging, nothing to do with happiness.
I truly do love to lie on the beach, read a book and walk around listing to waves, a bikini here, and a bikini there. I also love to walk around in Africa and have unexpected adventures. I have forgot the beach, I am promising to myself I will go search for this type of paradise again.

I think when I had a horrible time in the Caribbean I felt betrayed by the beach. It was not the beach; it was the Caribbean go to plastic paradise tourist trap that betrayed me.

I Need Travel to Paradise