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Girl In Hotel Room Saves the Corn on Cob

2008-02-28 19:35:00

Girl In Hotel Room Saves the Corn on Cob
Living with a person while traveling is an experience.

The Thai girl in my room said to me,
- 10 Rows, do you want eat? -

Bangkok Thailand - Southeast Asia
Khao San Road Area
Friday, February 29, 2008
Andy of ---

Hotel Room Companion Management 101

Unless you love Ants, the scourge of the True Traveler, try not to eat in the room, and for sure do not leave food sitting around as supper for the Ants.

I have taken food from my room, thrown on the floor in the lobby or halls of hotels to keep from having food inside my room. In this Hotel there is a nice rubbish bin for the Brits and Trash Can for the Americans outside my door.

The Thil girl ate some Corn on the Cob a few days back, a 15 Baht treat here in the Khao San Road area and took the old garbage cob and dumped in the can. Last night, she must have decided to do me some strange favor. She does say,
- My work is to disturb you. -
I say,
- Good work. -

This is one of them terms of endearment, truly is a lovable part of the girl that also leaves wet towels everywhere and totally disregards the nice clothesline set up in the room.

So, I guess she saved the last 10 rows of corn for me, amazing as disorganized as Thailand is, she felt a German propensity to eat in separated rows.

Girl In Hotel Room Saves the Corn on Cob