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Get Away With it Country Prices

2008-02-27 17:37:00

Get Away With it Country Prices
The longer a business exist, the more the local government supports the business and helps it to profit.

There is an annoying colloquialism I hear from Americans abroad,
- They can’t get away with that. -

Bangkok Thailand - Southeast Asia
Khao San Road Area
Thursday, February 28, 2008
Andy of ---

I heard this in Togo from two well-intended American Volunteers about some of the behavior of the Togo, West African people.

I said,
- They can, and they do. -

Walmart comes into a medium size town or city in the USA, and drives one or two Super Markets, Clothing Stores, and Hardware Stores etc. out of business. Then you hear someone say,
- They can’t get away with that.-
- They can, and they do get away with that. -

When I am in Tourist Trap Areas, how can they get away with some of the prices they ask?
- They can, and they do. -

I was in Las Vegas Airport on my last trip home; the vendor wanted 11 dollars for a sandwich. I thought to myself,
- How do they get away with that? -

I was thinking about the difference between the USA and Europe last night, Ash made well-intended comment under a blog post of mine about a post called Euro versus Dollar.

An intelligent American wonders why a Walmart does not go up on every corner in Europe.

Every American complains about the Walmart putting the small business out of business with legal competitive prices, then goes to Walmart every Saturday to buy goods.

There is a reason in my mind why the European Union was created, so it would be able to compete with the USA in business.

To me a person needs to remember:
- The longer a business exists, the more the local government supports the business and helps it to profit. -

The business owners in Europe have had a strangle hold on their governments for years. The governments are sending this off to the committee called the European Union to stop the monopolies.

The USA is known for fast food, cheap prices on computers.

Yep, that is the case.

Andrew my techie in the India purchased about the same computer inside the country of India for 1500 US Dollars. A Hewlett Packard and I purchased my in Staples in the USA for 800, he asked,
- Why -
I said,
- In India they can get away with it. -

I am always amazed in Europe when I buy shampoo, and the price of the shampoo is often over five dollars per bottle. I think to myself,
- They can get away with it.-

I am a traveler, when I take the bus into a city or country that feels like a Tourist Trap, I often get back on the bus. I am looking around and seeing if any of the other tourists even know they are in the trap, or are their keepers just feeding them.

Get Away With it Country Prices