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Famous Photographer Lottery

2008-02-10 18:43:00

Famous Photographer Lottery
People buy very large and expensive cameras.

Like buying a lottery ticket, when there is only a one in 10 million chance of winning.

Bangkok Thailand - Southeast Asia
Khao San Road Area
Monday, February 11, 2008
Andy of ---

I enjoy learning about photography, I enjoy learning. I keep searching for teachers. I search for experts to learn from or even copy their techniques.

I was sitting in front of the hotel with Andrew Boy Genius from India; we see this fat man and women sit down at the restaurant across the lane. He plops this huge camera on the table, must weigh as much as chicken with that extra large size battery and lens.

Andrew said,
- Why do people buy these cameras? -

I have been musing, mulling this question around in my brain for years now, and I truly cannot see a clear path to why. I finally said,
- I think they want to be a famous photographer. -
- They hope they will take that one photo that will make them famous. -

Andrew said,
- They think the camera will take the photo. -

I read often on site where a person says they are a,
- Photographer. -

I said,
- I guess everyone is a photographer, because they take photos. -

The power of fame is interesting, it is amazing to me that a person can write mean and nasty emails because I do not put my photo on pages.

Giving a person the opportunity to become famous makes many web sites famous. I have never been on, because they want me to sign up to use. I think it is analogous to a very nice phonebook or yellow pages to promote yourself.

I was reading a page explaining the Philosophy.

The first point was:

1. Focus on the user and all else will follow.

Google is a search site, so they give good search, but they also allow every site to get into their search engine. is on the way out of business because they refused to allow the users to enter. opened up to allow anyone to be a face, and I guess enter the lottery. (Note, I really do not know anything about this site and do not plan to learn.)

I share how I travel, and how I succeed as one theme to focus on users. I feel the best way to learn to take photos is to find how great photographers take photos, and focus on their skills more than their camera.

I have learned, it is not possible to find a professional photographer by looking at their camera. I am still searching for professionals, and slowly I am creating some interview questions.

Famous Photographer Lottery