Exceptions to Generalization Trendy

Exceptions to Generalization Trendy
I think there is a very anti-intellectual fashion or trend on the planet earth. People wish to announce what an exception to generalizations.

I truly believe generalizations, norms and stereotypes, profiling and other ways keep me safe, I try to attune my instincts and critical thinking to identify norms.

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Sunday, February 24, 2008
Andy of HoboTraveler.com ---

Trolls and Flamers…. Hehehe

I was trying to get Andrew to first agree or not agree with generalizations about uses of internet pages.

I would say something like the majority of users use Internet Explorer browsers and this is priority users.

He would say something like,
- Firefox is being used. -

Yes, of course, but really more of a trendy thing to say, and not pivotal or essential to the discussion, extra noise.

Finding exceptions to a generalization is trendy, what is up with this, annoying and problem making as there is no way I can live a day without a juicy generalization, stereotype or rationalization.
(Adapted from movie The Big Chill)

Exceptions to Generalization Trendy

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