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Euro versus Dollar

2008-02-26 19:37:00

Euro versus Dollar
I often hear this debate from travelers, more often I hear the Europeans bragging about their Euros.

I truly laugh, anyway you do it, paying with Euros, Dollars, Pounds, Yen, etc,

The cost of living in Europe is close to double the USA. This means, they have half the size of an apartment, half the number of DVDs, and pay double the cost to have internet access.

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Wednesday, February 27, 2008
Andy of ---

France must be triple.

What you get for the same amount of money inside a country is more important than the exchange rate. What is the buying power, how many eggs do I get for one U.S. Dollar?

I think if you want to do better, go to Zimbabwe, I think the money is presently crashing and is worth a look.

I have tried to create a true way of evaluating the cost of living in a country. I have been thinking about this issue for years. There are only three items that to me are indicators of cost of living in a country. I attempt to explain that when a normal person is getting PAID five dollar per day, to pay 100 dollars per night for a hotel is ridiculous.

However, there are three food items I believe I have seen sold in every country.

Eggs and

Here is an online straw poll survey page made to try to discover the world
Cost of Chicken Eggs and Peanuts

I earn USA Dollars, and pay in other currencies, for 10 years, I just do not see this a huge problem for the traveler or tourist, some business people yes.

Euro versus Dollar