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Escape Let Loose of Me

2008-02-10 22:38:00

Escape Let Loose of Me
I am in a Trap, a tourist trap by the name of Thailand, maybe all of Southeast Asia. I really have to eat my leg off and leave…

Bangkok Thailand - Southeast Asia
Khao San Road Area
Monday, February 11, 2008
Andy of ---

I truly do not want to sacrifice a leg, Thailand is not Wolf Ugly.
- chew your own arm off to get away -

However, it is getting close…

I truly wish I could give readers a fantasy, I could just travel endlessly and not work, only talk about beautiful sunsets and cliché lives like many bloggers. When finish with their fantasy trip, they go home and earn money, stop blogging and then return to start blogging fantasy lies.

I stopped in Thailand and Philippines to work on website and plan future trips. I am planning to leave Thailand on March 3, 4, 5 something like that.

This high-speed in my room WIFI has opens my eyes to the the lemming travel bloggers are doing, including myself.

South America, Central America are SOP. Stardard Operating Procedure
Europe is old school, and synonymous with going to Disneyland.
Middle East is the Middle.
South East Asia is SOP
Russian and China are middle ground.

There is no map for Africa.

I am going to finish my work on the webpage soon; we plan on meeting in Europe in about three months to repeat maintenance work. I have done about four year’s maintenance work in four months. Next high-speed internet stop will be less boring, about two to three weeks.

Trust me; I know you are bored; I am boring myself silly with this Thailand jag.

I have visited 77 countries, time to get out of the box. (Trap)

Escape Let Loose of Me