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Error on the Side of Obvious

2008-02-15 18:54:00

Error on the Side of Obvious
Error on the side of caution.

I live by my instincts, I trust my first impressions, and I make good judgments. I constantly wonder if it is possible to teach this skill to others.

I had a confusing conversation with Andrew Boy Genius from India about making a web site.

Bangkok Thailand - Southeast Asia
Khao San Road Area
Saturday, February 16, 2008
Andy of ---

I tried to explain:

1. People who make bad decisions, make bad decisions.

2. People who make good decisions, make good decisions.

We go for a walk towards Khao San Road, and as we are walking along, I say to Andrew,
- Pick out a happy person that would be fun to talk with. -

He stalls, he does not start to point, so I try to lead by example.


I say,
- See that girl over there, simple, calm, has a nice look on her face, joking with the venders. -

He agrees, and then starts say,
- Yes, but this could be wrong, the others people could be better. -

I say to Andrew,
- Andrew, I only have one day in my life, today, and I need to optimize my chance of enjoying it. I only start conversations with good people, and quickly as possible stop conversations with bad people. -

In a way, I live every day searching for obvious decisions to make, I try to write something that is simple and obvious, in a way, and writing is about pointing out to people the obvious truths of life.

With Andrew, I was lucky, I could use the word
- Optimize. -
This word is used as jargon in the world of making internet pages as we are told to optimize the pages for the internet. SEO, we need to make pages Search Engine Optimized.

I try to live my life optimized for satisfaction.

I think if Mick Jagger singing this song,
- I can’t get no, satisfaction. -

Saying to the world, the goal is satisfaction.

Note finding obviously well wrapped and sane individuals in the Khao San Road is a hilariously funny thing do search for.

Note: I am trying to explain to Andrew that when a reader gets on a page, the theme or subject needs to obvious to a Chinese person. We are making pages for 5.5 billion people who do not read English, yet want to advertise their hotels to English speakers.

Error on the Side of Obvious