Brown Skin Become White Skin

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Brown Skin Become White Skin
There are skin-whitening creams on the planet, there are people that rub or use creams and foams to become whiter.

There are people who think White skin is better.

Bangkok Thailand - Southeast Asia
Khao San Road Area
Friday, February 8, 2008
Andy of ---

I do not know what to do, I found this in my shower, it appears the Thai girl is using this stuff on her skin. I keep telling her I like the color of her skin, however there is something China White that is culturally ingrained in her mind, that it is better to be white.

I will go to the beach to get tan, and she wants to be white, I can never get my mind around an idea of being someone else than who I am...

Brown Skin Become White Skin

I also saw jumbo billboards, bigger than I've seen anywhere else on Earth in Manila. The ones that didn't advertise skin-whitening soaps and creams and cosmetics nonetheless featured wristwatch models, clothing models, jewelry models and pale-skin actors selling their TV shows, suburban homes, sports equipment and other... Quite obvious to observers of 80 large vinyl billboards that 'successful, glamorous people are pale.'
'By golly, look at the white people from the U.S. who come here to work in banks or for Toyota or San Miguel or Coke. And white people from U.S., Australia, N.Z. and Europe obviously earn enough to vacation or even retire here. If I can't can't get education and go to Australia or America, by golly, I'll but whiteneing soaps and lotions and facepaint and carry an umbrella to try to differ from my countrymen!'