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Barefoot Hobo Budget

2008-02-23 18:51:00

Barefoot Hobo Budget
Over 10 years of travel and I find a large hole in my Barefoot Hobo Budget.

I may be able to go to Europe, USA, and Canada sometimes cheaper than Asia or South America.
Bangkok Thailand - Southeast Asia
Khao San Road Area
Sunday, February 24, 2008
Andy of ---

This is the map on the home page of

I need to meet with Boy Genius from India about three times per year and probably other workers as they come on board.

We need:
- Private Room
- 24 / 7 High Speed Internet connection
- The cost of a round trip ticket should not be more than about 1000 USD.
- One month stay and transportation cost inside the country is not part of the budget, as we will not be traveling around.

We have been surfing, studying, researching our next meeting, and presently Portugal is our next planned country for a meeting.

Strange quirk of budgets, it is easier to rent a room for a month in Europe than to rent a room in Asia. We need to rent hotel rooms in Asia while we can rent private home rooms in Europe. The language is a problem in Asia, while we can find English pages in Europe. We also find a lot of rooms for students studying the languages with WIFI.

We needed to pay 750 Baht per night to live here in Bangkok and have 24/7 internet connection with acceptable rooms.
23.50 U.S. Dollars per night
705 US per month for Thailand

We have found many rooms in Europe for between 300 and 600 Euros per month, less than Thailand.

Funny I told Andrew,
- You have a 10 times better chance of getting robbed in Europe so you will have to be very careful. -

Asia is 10 times safer from robbery.

I have country by country pages where a person can submit their budget for a country and explain. Choose a country and submit the amount of money you need to budget to travel to these countries.

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Barefoot Hobo Budget