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Anna and the King of Siam

2008-02-19 22:56:00

Anna and the King of Siam
The first movie made was Anna and the King of Siam. The second movie made was
- The King and I-
with Yul Brynner.

Both movies were based on a book by Margaret Langdon and as the gossip goes, the Thailand people are not too happy with the book or the movies.

Koh SiChang Thailand - Southeast Asia
Island South of Bangkok 120 Kilometers
Tuesday, February 19, 2008
Andy of ---

The Island of Koh SiChang has former Palace of Rama V who is the model for the King of the movie. This man stopped slavery in Thailand and has his picture on the money.

“Margaret Landon’s book about an English woman who becomes the governess of the King of Siam’s many children, set during the 19th century.” (2)

What is interesting to me is almost the impossible love affair between the King of Thailand and a white person from England. In that time and the present time period, the people of Thailand or the Kingdom of Siam more or less consider the foreigners an inferior race.

Moreover, in many ways the movie portrays the English people as a superior race, therefore both race play on their own racism to create a humorous anger between the two.

The English woman thinks she is superior, the Thailand King thinks he is superior and truly an impossible situation to visualize as being possible and truly is fantasy.

Anna and the King of Siam