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A Specific Type of Beach

2008-02-28 01:24:00

A Specific Type of Beach
I can be obsessive, on various subjects I could talk for days, months or a book.

I gave my head a shake, and said to myself,
- I am going to the beach. - I go to a Mexico Beach on March 11, 2008

I wrote a newsletter where I listed many types of beaches on March 24, 2004 from Koh Pha Ngan, (I now have expanded to 411 types of beaches.)

Something happened to me in the last two months…

Girls on Copacabana Beach Rio de Janeiro

Bangkok Thailand - Southeast Asia
Khao San Road Area
Wednesday, February 27, 2008
Andy of ---

First, a Travel TV show contacted me and asks if I would be interested in maybe helping comment on some beaches. I was sent the list and decided it was not up to my standards. Now, as I review my own thinking, I thought to myself,
- Andy, why do you think you know so much about beaches? -

I cannot just pass a beach, I need to inspect the beach, do some mental classifications and assessments.

I have collected over 411 types or ways to talk about beaches. However, I truly consider this sloppy, not complete job, just me playing around and started a list. I do not normally read about beaches, there is not much point, as I do not believe people who write or talk about beaches like beaches. The talk always seems to switch from the beach to the hotel, or more correctly the reserving of a room in the hotel.

I am going to Mexico, I have given myself some lecture, instructed self to remember some happy moments and go back to the beach. I am going to get obsessive, I hope to take this meager attempt to classifications up to 1000, and hopefully I can explain and give some samples.

Ok, I will get back to work; I will go back to the beach and do what I may do better than my knowledge of beaches. Girl Watching. has an on topic or good example of a page explainng on target talk about beaches;

A Specific Type of Beach (Click on that link for the page.)


I am hoping to find my dream beach in the Caribbean or Bahamas. Can you help?

I know there have been many postings to find the best beach. But I am being more specific, because everyone's idea of a great beach might have different criteria.
I am looking for a beach that actually has a good bit of beach to it! Some beaches are steep and dump right into the water. I am looking for the beach that is flat an level and gradually goes into the water. I am looking for a beach where I can walk forever out into the water and still have the water only up to my waist...not drop off dramatically. This beach would not be deserted...(but hopefully not over crowded!) and would have some tiki bars scattered around.

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A Specific Type of Beach