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20 or 21 Years Sober

2008-02-13 16:17:00

20 or 21 Years Sober
On February 12, 2008, I think I was sober for either 20 or 21 years.

Wow, for 21 years I was not a jerk, at least not an alcohol induced jerk

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Thursday, February 14, 2008
Andy of ---

Please, no congrats are in line, it is not an accomplishment; nobody should be rewarded in any way for not being a jerk. What I am happy about is being a good boy for 21 years.

However, I know many people on planet earth that was never an alcohol induced jerk. When I drank, I thought everyone drank, and I truly believed anyone who did not drink was a jerk. Wow, what a stupid idea.

I remembered the other day that my sobriety day was coming up; however, I am not good at year things. I called my mother to ask, and she just emails back to say 21, I hope she is right.

However, the truth is, I do not revel in the time, because I do not want to remember I was a jerk 21 years ago. I do like to remember the 21 years of being a good boy. I would not like someone up and say, congratulations,

- Hey Andy, you stopped being Jerk 21 years ago. Attaboy. -

I am still waiting for someone to congratulation me for being a good boy. When I behave, do all the right things, nobody comments. So really when a person acts like a jerk, do not give them sympathy, go over and give them a whack on the head. Pretend and remember they are dog, they need a smack. People are animals too, giving them a good hard smack on the head with a stick would maybe help. I cannot remember any loving words that stopped me from drinking; I can still feel the pain caused by the legal system of the USA. House arrest for a year, 10 years of no driving, a painful experience.

I guess I should thank the Legal System of the USA for changing my life, a groups that did not mix their words.

Hey all of you, pet you alcoholic animal on the head, the hit him or her on the head with a 2 by 4.

If you really want to hurt King Baby Alcoholic, ignore him or her.

20 or 21 Years Sober