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YKK Hasp Zipper Pulls

2008-01-26 04:43:00

YKK Hasp Zipper Pulls
We found a source for backpack zippers pulls; it appears that the YKK company back in the corner had a good pull for sale.

It is called a Hasp Zipper Pull; I was searching for a Padlock Zipper Pull a cousin of the Hasp Zipper pull. I have a real example of this thanks to Rodney in the Philippines.

I may have also in all this jumble of confusion found one of the most well read, knowledgeable persons about travel gear.

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Manila Philippines - Southeast Asia
Malate Mabini Ermita
Saturday, January 26, 2008
Andy of ---

YKK Hasp Zipper Pull

There are no secrets here, all is open to observations and opinions, I am trying my best to show all the parts of a backpack and suss out the best possible design and materials. Comments about backpack generally are one dimensional and short sighted; this is why a person that has traveled continuously for over say 2 years and more is the best source of ideas.

I am impressed with the marketing done by backpack companies; they have truly transformed some luxury ideas into perceived needs.

The Camel Back Water pouch is a great example, so is the Swiss Knife, both have good uses for very specific type of travel, however of the most part just tells me the stereotype about the traveler or tourist.

I think to understand living on the road, a person should take these products and use in their home for a month. I have a feeling the will find they do not like to drink from a tube or eat with a Swiss Knife.

My biggest problem with these products is disease, I just cannot figure out how to clean these over-priced products. I especially consider a plastic water pouch prone to harboring all sorts of small water borne problems.

Well, I am trying to separate needs from marketing induced fantasies, the world really does want to be sold a bridge, it is hard to fathom how the mind of man has become incapable or making good decisions and rely on people selling products. Note, I do realize, I am making a product to sell and this is suspect, this is why I blog about it, trying to make all the idea open, free to observer and to copy. What can I say; a good idea should be copied, shared and not hoarded.

Kind of interesting link on zippers

YKK Hasp Zipper Pulls